Education Labs

Education Labs

Composite Lab

Science lab will be composite as Physics, Chemistry & Biology
HOD: Bidur Sir, Kalam Sir & Biology

Maths Lab

Marvelous Teacher detail all the equipment to students and learn new era of education.
HOD: Rakesh Sir & Abhishek Sir

Physical Education

PT Aman Sir, Pritam Sir
Judo Carate Sandhana Miss
HOD: Aman sir, Pritam Sir & Sandhya Miss

Computer Lab

Best factuality as known all the programming even basic needs for students.
HOD : Isahak Sir

Art & Craft

Art & Craft Aman sir and Team
Music Rakesh sir and Team
HOD: Aman Sir & Rakesh Sir

Extra Curriculum

Child conversation, speech, hand writing, global development according to there needs.
HOD: Nawaratna Sir, Panda sir, Pandey Sir, Santosh Sir, Birendra Sir, Saraswati Mam, Rambha miss